Theodicy and the presence of Evil in our world

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With this doxological cry, the Apostle Paul puts an end to the universal questions that have haunted the minds of people throughout the ages about the existence and triumph of evil and injustice in all societies throughout the ages. And he does not simply put an end by giving an answer, but instead opens up new spiritual horizons for the experiencing of God’s justice, which is based on the mystery of the incarnation of God the Logos. Because it is through Him that God is justified before apostate mankind; through His ineffable love, as He had “vacated Himself by taking on the form of a servant” - and on the other hand, apostate man is justified before God through the absolute obedience of Christ to the Heavenly Father, by “becoming obedient, to the death”.

The faithful Christian is not scandalized on account of the tribulations and trials that the love and wisdom of God allows, since is it through love that he experiences the mystery of God’s justice for the sake of his personal salvation.

With these humble thoughts, we give our bles-sings for the inspiration and completion of the translation into English of the precious book: ‘THE HOT PROBLEM OF THEODICY” by the Very Reverend Archimandrite, Fr. Arsenios Katerelos, Abbot of the Sacred Monastery of Saint Nicholas at Divri of Fthiotis Province.

We also congratulate the members of the Association of Friends of our Monastery, “Saint Gregory Palamas”, because this edition will give our brethren around the world the opportunity to quench their thirst with the springwaters of Orthodox Paternal wisdom within the murkiness of rationalism, which brutally raises like walls of fire the aforementioned, unanswered questions throughout time.

We pray that the coolness and the Light of the Holy Spirit will open new horizons in the life of every person.

Abbott of the Sacred Monastery
Pantocrator of Melissochori
† Archimandrite Antonios
and my brothers in Christ.


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